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aramyan building

Pambak campsite has been founded in 1994. The camp used to belong to the YMCA Armenia but later, after it was officially registered in 1998, it was handed over to Vanadzor YMCA. In 1998 with the permission of Pambak village community the camp building was reconstructed and named Pambak campsite.  

The YMCA USA with the support of the Aramyans provided necessary finances for the complete reconstruction and enlargement of the Pambak campsite. The reconstruction was finished at the beginning of 2012 after which the camp was renamed to Vanadzor YMCA Aramyan campsite.

Currently the camp has a capacity to host 40 kids and/or adults. It has a room for trainings, furnished bedrooms, bathrooms with cold and hot water, toilets, a dining-room and a kitchen. The building facilities and the location give the opportunity to run different types of projects.

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