Organizational Chart


The General Assembly (GA) is the highest governing body of the Armenian National Union of YMCAs (YMCA of Armenia or ANUY). The GA meets every year and is composed of 5 local YMCAs, which are non-profit NGOs registered as independent legal entities with their own governing structures. Each local YMCA has equal representation in the GA.

The Board of ANUY is elected by the GA for a two year term. The same Board member can be nominated for only two consecutive terms. To see Board member profiles, please click on the "Board".

The Secretary General/CEO is appointed by the Board and attends Board meetings without a voting power. The CEO forms the staff and is responsible for its overall performance. To see staff member profiles, please click on the "Staff".

To learn more about the governing bodies' functions and oganizational pecularities,please,  download our "Charter"