About ANUY

The Armenian National Union of YMCAs (ANUY) is an umbrella organization of local YMCAs to promote partnership and boost effectiveness of joint efforts within the YMCA movement. Although ANUY does not provide direct community services, as its local YMCAs do, its programs cover a wide array of activities involving the youth of both the YMCA community and beyond it.

Since its establishment ANUY has implemented numerous programs targeting the following major areas:

  • youth recreation and leadership development;
  • refugee housing and integration;
  • youth civic education and active citizenship;
  • peace building and community development.

Within this framework ANUY employs a variety of means including residential camping, youth exchanges, indoor and outdoor training and workshops, youth dialogue, community mobilization and youth outreach.

ANUY provides technical assistance and consultancy to local YMCAs in institutional capacity building and program development, as well as facilitates in establishing and maintaining local and international partnership opportunities.

ANUY was established in 1998 and is a full member of the European Alliance of YMCAs.

To read more about the history of YMCA movement please see our "History" page.