The Scouting movement was started in England in 1907 by Lord Robert Baden- Powel. Scouting spread quickly in the whole world. Today there are about 28 million scouts in 150 countries.


Scouting is a teenager and youth volunteer movement the aim of which is to bring up responsible and self-conscious, publicly active and psychologically strong, patriotic and freedom-loving generation. Scouting method is the self-education system which is implemented in small groups through weekly meetings, events, hikes, summer camps and so on.

The main ideology of scouting is to live in the Nature, with the Nature and for the Nature. During the meetings with the scouts the participants get knowledge about the Nature and how to keep the Nature clean and how to preserve it. Children learn how to make a fire, prepare food, to provide First Aid if necessary, to orient themselves in space with the help of the compass, the Sun or stars, how to use the Morse Code, map-writing, making a bridge,  to prepare objects of primary importance such as a table, a chair, and so on.

During the hikes children play various interesting games that help to develop their mental and physical abilities.

During each meeting a story from the Bible is introduced to the participants that contribute to their spiritual development and teach honesty, kindness, and respect for other people.  Scouting develops self-consciousness, the wish to explore and reveal oneself. Scouts discover the world out of the school walls understanding others and sharing their own knowledge with them.