Civic Engagement

Social-engagementOur civic engagement program starts from YMCA local organizations as platforms for young people to engage in service learning and volunteering. We strive to create an environment that encourages them to build a personal capacity to work with others, to address common interests, to see oneself as a stakeholder in public life, to value democratic participation mechanisms and to believe that individuals have a responsibility to contribute to improving their communities.

Civic Engagement means

  • Being civically literate,
  • Taking responsibility through service-learning and volunteering,
  • Building collaborations to advocate and support social/community change,
  • Practicing active citizenship.

Within this framework, various initiatives and projects implemented by the YMCA include (sorted by current and implemented projects).

Current Projects

  • Rural community development
  • Leadership development

Implemented Projects

  • Roots for Reconciliation Program
  • Leadership development,
  • Anti-corruption education,
  • Gender education,
  • Civic education seminars and trainings,
  • Refugee integration program.

Our civic engagement component is consistent with the YMCA’s history, mission and values. It reinforces character development and the YMCA core values, resonates with what YMCAs are currently providing in many existing programs, projects and practices that aim at building healthy mind, body and spirit.