YMCA Child Care and Preschool Educational Program

Child Care suggests a day care of  kids of the age of 3-6 by age groups combined with preschool education provided in accordance with the RA Curriculum for the corresponding age group. The program prepares children for school. The children are taught different subjects like the Armenian language, foreign languages – Russian and English, Arithmetic, Art, Music, Handicraft, Dance. All these subjects are taught through games and with the help of easy tasks which make the educational process attractive and interesting for them. They are also told fairy tales, watch cartoons, play different indoor and outdoor games.

The program contributes to

  • developing child’s free, creative, critical and analytic thinking

  • developing child’s oral speech

  • revealing child’s natural gifts and directing them

  • developing child’s logic

  • shaping child’s taste in art (through art and music lessons)

Sometimes they organize big celebrations and events.

The graduates are given a certificate stating their participation in the program.

As a rule, these kids later get used to the school discipline much easier and stand out with good progress in studies and are highly disciplined. They also socialize easily with their peers.

Child Care is a social program and is of a great demand in the communities. It completes the lack of the state kindergartens in the community.  It gives young parents an opportunity to provide their kids with proper day care and have the possibility to work or to have more free time.  One of the main targets of the program is also to contribute to the holistic development of the young generation which is one of the core targets of the YMCA movement in general.