A YMCA Camp is a place for active rest where the exchange of cultures, knowledge and experience gives birth to new ideas and starts new friendship, fosters solidarity and equality, personal and team development contributing to the development of a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul at the same time.


The Principles of Our Camp Work

· To foster personal development through creative and fun methods

· To guarantee and provide secure and safe space

· To provide skillful and caring staff and leaders

Thousands of kids and young people who have been hosted in YMCA Armenia camps since 1992 still remember the good days they spent there with great enthusiasm as they were full of various events: education, sports games, new experiences for self-realization, aesthetic recognition, thematic trainings, competitions and hiking, entertainment and evening campfires. Together with all this we create a camp family where kids try their hand at leadership and develop life skills. Here they learn to build up sound relations both with their peers and with people younger or older than themselves based on the YMCA core values: responsibility, honesty, mutual respect and care.

Parents trust us and prefer us trying to grant their children with a developing and available camp rest.

A YMCA Camp is an Inexhaustible Opportunity to Get:

· Personal and team achievements

· New friends, a wonderful pastime and unforgettable memories

· Inspiring life-experience that will change your children’s life

Hurry to discover the YMCA camps with their new facilities and beautiful spots of nature. If you prefer mountains with thick forests, the Aramyan campsite will welcome you in Lori region. And in Daranak campsite you will enjoy the picturesque horizons of the eastern shore of Lake Sevan.