Syrian Armenian YMCA Young Leaders’ Retreat

2On May 29 -31st, 2015, the Syrian Armenian YMCA Youth Initiative Group held a three-day leaders' retreat in Vanadzor YMCA Aramyan Campsite. The main purpose of the gathering was to discuss the work done during the previous year, the further plans, to actively engage the new leaders into the team, to enhance the team capacity and improve skills, to redefine roles as Syrian Armenian YMCA Youth Initiative Group leaders.

Various team building  and leadership activities, brainstorming exercises were run through interactive role-plays which were both productive and entertaining at the same time.

On May 31st the Syrian Armenian Youth leaders arrived in Spitak and joined Spitak YMCA leaders and children in their Sunday Scout Program.

We would like to thank Mr. Christian Walti without the support of whom the leaders’ retreat would not have been possible.

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