YMCA Europe General Assembly and YES Seminar

unnamed (2)Under the title “Paths to Progress”, 130 participants from 31 different countries gathered in Tallinn, Estonia at YMCA Europe´s General Assembly from May 14th to the 17th. Hayk Khachatryan, YMCA Armenia Secretary General/CEO was among them.

The EAY GA 2015 had two main goals: looking back to the last four years focusing on the main achievements of the present strategy across Europe, and to start discussionsfor the next Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020.unnamed (1)

During the General Assembly on one of the morning sessions the presentation on Armenian Genocide 100th anniversary, the situation of Armenian community in Syria and Syrian-Armenian YMCA Youth Initiative group work, by telling the story of an Armenian girl who survived the Genocide. After that she was forced into a marriage to a Turkish general. She ran away from him to Syria, married an Armenian, had children, grand-children, great-grandchildren one of whom is now one of the leaders of Syrian-Armenian YMCA Youth Initiative group. The presentation was very impressive for the participants of the GA, raised a lot of questions and a great interest about Armenian history and the work that YMCA is doing in Armenia now.

On May 11-14th, before the Assembly, YMCA European Spectrum (YES) Seminar (YMCA Europe´s youth network) with 50 participants. Lusine Vardanyan, Yerevan YMCA Executive Director and Araz Aywazian, Syrian Armenian YMCA Youth Initiative Group leader represented YMCA Armenia in the YES seminar.unnamed