unnamedKnarik Melkonyan, YMCA Armenia Programs’ and Administrative assistant and Aram Jhangiryan, YMCA Artsakh leader took part in the Coaching You(th ) 10-day training organized by the YMCA Romania  in Baia Mare on April 16- 27th on behalf of Armenian National Union of YMCAs.  The training course was  designed for 30 youth workers and leaders in 13 different organizations from Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Netherlands and Serbia.

Coaching is a new approach to non-formal learning, which offers high-quality information content, personal guidance in reaching the pursued goal. The aim of this project was to train youth workers in using coaching as an intervention, education and development tool, in their daily work.

During the training we were focused on establishing theoretical framework: Introducing Youth pass as a tool for setting learning objectives, learning how to use evidence-based working tools and how to adjust personal coaching and communication styles. We had the opportunity to gain this information by experiencing different set-ups in exercises, processes and role-plays. During these days we practiced coaching skills with different tools: media, outdoor, intercultural learning, etc.

During the program the participants had a chance to visit the Caritas Center where they run programs also for the Gypsy community and kids and one of the Gypsy communities. It was very impressive and everyone was touched seeing in what poor conditions they live.

The last day was  about future cooperation and evaluation. We had a workshop on Erasmus + ,  then planning future cooperation among organizations involved in the project. The participants had opportunity to identify possible partners for their own projects, develop drafts and ask for support and information from the organizing team.


The project was led in such a creative and professional way that was very interesting and much fun for the participants with the program accompanied by a lot of role-plays and games, teambuilding and creative tasks revealing all the potential of all the individuals involved. Thanks to this all the participants and people involved in the project made close friends
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