2Every year Y Global organizes Y Program Implementation Team (YPIT) training for program implementation managers from all their international partner organizations working in different countries. The main purpose of the meeting is to strengthen program implementation, collaboration and coordination between Y Global and its partner organizations, experience sharing, lessons learnt from the past implementation of programs, learning each other’s success stories, improve and modify future programmatic activities.

In 2015 the training was held from 1st – 7th February at YMCA Hostels in the towns of Lushoto and Moshi, Tanzania. Participants from partner organizations from Palestine, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Armenia, African Alliance of YMCAs were invited to participate in the training. Since the focus of the training was on “program implementation”, it was required that the participants were directly involved in program/project implementation in their organizations.

In 2015 Y Global will continue to focus on the following themes:

  • Public Expenditure Tracking System ( PETS)
  • Saving and Investment Group ( SIGs) and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Subject to Citizen (S2C) etc.

As a practical experience in Lushoto, the participants had a chance to meet young people and regional initiative groups involved in projects. And it was quite impressive to hear how these projects impact on them and their communities, how it changes their daily lives. They shared their success stories how after these projects they started to see the positive changes, how they developed personal skills.

In partnership with Y Global (YMCA - YWCA) YMCA Armenia in 2013 did the “Subject to Citizen ( S2C)” training. Every year due to the partnership with Y Global a group of Armenian YMCA leaders visit Norway to participate in the Global Week and TT Festival. The cooperation will continue this year as well.

Knarik Melkonyan, YMCA Armenia Administrative and Program assistant participated in this project as she will be involved in the Y Global funded project implementation in 2015. For her it was a very important learning and a valuable experience.

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