“Active & Responsible Citizenship” Training

3On November 27-30th the second training in frames of “Building Leaders for Armenia” project on “Active and Responsible Citizenship” was run in Vanadzor YMCA Aramyan Campsite with Armen Bezhanyan and Anna Zargaryan as trainers  as also in the first training. The topics included in the training were targeted at raising the youth awareness as active citizens. During these 4 days the participants learnt a lot about a community and its local government, about active citizenship, as well as  legal  standards for local governing body, health and education systems, pre-school institutions fixed in the RA Constitution  with corresponding laws, with the most common violations of those laws. All these were discussed in the context of the importance of their engagement as active citizens, the exact interpretation of the situation and planning steps to solve these issues, their cooperation with mass media in terms of  taking the responsibility to solve the issues their communities face. This  initiative was important to raise the awareness of young people on these topics and to build civic society. They learnt how the community needs are revealed and the succession of the steps to be taken in the direction of their solution.  The young participants were quite active during the training. Interactive methods and group tasks gave them a chance to put the theory learnt into practice.  At the end all the leaders having participated in the 2 training sessions were granted with Certificates of Completion of the course.

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