“One Million Voice” Project

1As the largest and oldest international youth organization working in 119 countries in the world, the YMCA is committed to empowering young people's lives on a daily basis through programmers, training, facilities and safe spaces that allow them to develop and grow into their full potential.

One Million Voices (OMV) Project aims to collect and understand young peoples’ perception of their current global reality, and what young people—as individuals and as a collective— think it should be. Over 65 countries have agreed to participate in this significant project on the World YMCA initiative in partnership with International Labor Organization and World Health Organization to reveal how young people view their lives, their world and their needs around 3 key issues: Employment, Health, Civic, Engagement.

On Oct 24 -26th, 2014 a seminar on “One Million Voices” (OMV) and its implementation issues was held in Volozhin YMCA, Belarus. Project country coordinators and key leaders from Armenia, Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine came together to discuss OMV  project  details and get ready to implement the project.

Knarik Melkonyan, YMCA Armenia Administrative and Program assistant and One Million Voice Project Coordinator and Lilit  Petrosyan, OMV Project volunteer-assistant participated in the seminar on behalf of YMCA Armenia. The seminar was very productive as issues related to the questionnaires, the survey methodology, the advantages and disadvantages of the method applied,  the importance of random selection of people to fill in OMV questionnaires, their translation into languages spoken in each YMCA country, questionnaire content and its availability to the target age group to fill them in and probable challenges during the project implementation and possible solutions to them were discussed.

To execute the project YMCA Armenia worked with its local YMCA beneficiaries’ target age groups of 15-24 years old to collect 282 questionnaires filled in.

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