Camp Counselors’ Forum

3On October 4-5th, 2014 in Vanadzor YMCA Aramyan Campsite YMCA Armenia held its third Camp Counselors’ Forum with Ian Luck, YMCA/YWCA Norway, Rebekah McCluskey, Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA and Kam Kobeissi, Frost Valley YMCA and Vince Corsaro (USA), YMCA Armenia organizational development expert, as camping program experts from YMCA Armenia partner organizations. Kam Kobeissi was also participating in  YMCA Armenia first Camp Counselors’ Forum held in 2012. YMCA Armenia was represented by camp counselors from all the local YMCAs and Syrian Armenian YMCA Initiative group.

The topic of Camp Counselors’ Forum 2014’s was “YMCA Camps as a Means for Youth Engagement, Development and Providing Opportunities to them”. The Forum was targeted at the discussion and evaluation of all the camping projects run both by the National Union and local YMCAs and sharing ideas on how to develop them. The speakers’ panel comprised of representatives of different local Ys, who shared their experience of different types of camps run in their organizations, achievements in terms of the camping project implementation and community involvement, especially community active youth engagement enhancement, as well as the challenges faced.

The camp experts shared their personal camping experience and also presented the camping projects the partner organizations  run.  They  highly  appreciated the work done by YMCA Armenia and its local organizations and wished them good luck in their future work. The young camp counselors were very motivated with the  encouraging words and promised to do their best to improve the quality of the camping projects they are running.

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