“Youth for Change” TenSing Festival

1In the scope of Vanadzor YMCA and Oslo YMCA/YWCA long-term partnership 6 Norwegian young people visited Armenia for the annual study visit on September 28th – October 6th, 2014. The main aim of the visit was the experience exchange between Armenian and Norwegian youth via organizing a TenSing (TS) Festival.

A working team of 5 people with Areg Martirosyan, Vanadzor YMCA Executive Director, Aramayis Ulikhanyan (Vanadzor YMCA Board Member), Knarik Melkonyan (Vanadzor YMCA TenSing leader), Tatul Bostanchyan (Spitak YMCA leader) and Vardan Minasyan (Vardenis YMCA Board member) was formed and they were responsible for the organization of the Norwegian team visit and the TenSing Festival preparation work.

A TenSing Festival camp was held in Vanadzor YMCA Aramian Campsite with 45 young people from all local YMCAs in Armenia including the Syrian Armenian YMCA Initiative Group and the Norwegian team. The camp program included performing songs, dances, dramas, games, workshops such as making graffiti, making bracelets, baking waffles, etc. The Norwegian leaders held the "Stop Poverty" seminar for the Armenian participants in the camp. The participants designed and made T-shirts for the Festival participants on their own.

On October 2nd in Vanadzor YMCA Community Center a wonderful TenSing Show was performed for themselves and for the audience comprising of their friends and family members other people invited from the community. The aim of the festival was to motivate and involve more young people from the community as volunteers for the organization and TS youth project promotion. The group of representatives of YMCA Armenia Partner organizations who had arrived for the YMCA Armenia Partners’ Group meeting enjoyed the show greatly and were impressed by the work these young people had done.

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