Our Counselors in Frost Valley YMCA Camp

unnamedDue to the partnership of YMCA Armenia and Frost Valley YMCA, USA started in 2010 and in the scope of the experience exchange project between the two organizations, every year one or two Armenian YMCA leaders have a chance to work in Frost Valley YMCA camp and get a valuable camping experience there. In 2014 YMCA Armenia leaders- Misak Simonyan (Spitak YMCA volunteer, ANU Y Board member) and Samvel Khachatryan (Spitak YMCA volunteer) worked as camp counselors in Frost Valley YMCA summer camp.

This camp is a completely new experience for our leaders. The camp lasts 2,5 months. The first week of the camp is a period of intense trainings. All the camp counselors are trained about the camp policy of how to work with kids, the cultural And behaviour peculiarities and differences of American children, probable camp conflict situations and possible solutions to them. During the next eight weeks the international team of camp counselors works with different age groups during the 4 shifts of the camp. The camp schedule is full of various activities: hiking, sports activities, dances, musical events, outdoor life skills, different games, workshops of carpentry and pottery, swimming, etc. The last week of the camp is a family camp and the target group is whole families many of whom have been in the camp for dozens of years.

Working with the employed international staff from the USA, England, France, the Netherlands, etc.   is a possibility of making new friends, getting to know other cultures. Working in this camp is a chance to learn a lot about American and American culture and to introduce Armenia to everyone.

Back to Armenia our leaders share their experience with the rest of our leaders and invest their knowledge and skills got in Frost Valley YMCA in favor of  YMCA Armenia Camping projects development.